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Bio-Clean   Drain Cleaners Commercial-Grade Drain Cleaners

Have you heard of the safe and effective drain cleaner for homeowners?
Use it in place of other harsh drain cleaners that break down your drain pipes.
Choose the environmentally friendly and safe Bio-X Cleaner!

• Eliminates the need for harsh anqd dangerous chemicals
• Provides safe plumbing maintenance
• Won't damage your plumbing
• Eliminates drain odors
• Destroys strong drain build up
• Keeps your drains flowing freely


Drain Cleaners

Drain Cleaning Kent, WA Bio Clean

Common household and commercial-grade cleaners can adversely effect your physical and "pipe health."

• Contains toxic ingredients harmful towards your children
• Promotes poor air quality
• Can pollute drinking water if poorly disposed
• Breaks down pipe metal, forming potential leaks and cracks

Commercial-Grade Drain Cleaners

Commercial-grade drain cleaners are used to break down heavy substances.
They're not suitable for use in your home.

• Industrial greases and oils
• Harsh chemicals that are corrosive
• May require the use of protective masks and goggles
• Should never be in the reach of children

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