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Plumbing Prevention Tips Harsh Chemicals Aging Pipes

Plumbing Prevention Tips

Plumbing prevention tips will help you maintain your plumbing system.
These are easy to do plumbing prevention tips that'll save you time, energy and money.

Garbage Disposals

• Turn your disposal on and let it full speed before feeding it.
• Feed small amounts at a time
• Run water while using the disposal
• Run plenty of water when grinding is done for 10-15 seconds
• Never use your disposal as a substitute for a garbage can
• When cleaning out your fridge, throw food into the garbage

Non-Disposable Foods

Don’t put the following foods or food products into your garbage disposal.

• Veggie Peelings
• White Flour Noodles
• Rice
• Egg Shells

Avoid putting noodles boiled or cooked in grease or oil into the garbage disposal. These are the most common causes of jammed disposals and plugged drains.

Harsh Chemicals

Harsh chemicals such as commercial grade, Drain-O and OTC are corrosive to your drain pipes. Products such as Bio-X are safer for your pipes and the environment. They may get rid of the blockage in your drain system, but in the long run, the damage done to your pipes may be worse than just having a blockage. No blocked drain is worth having to re-pipe the entire system.

Aging Pipes

Rusted, brittle or cracked pipes are a strong sign of aging pipes.
Check your pipes every 1-3 months for leaks and other physical changes.
If possible take pictures and keep a "pipe maintenance file".

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Wear and Tear

Your faucets and sink pipes are constantly used. High water pressure is used for washing dishes and other household tasks.

Check faucets, shower heads and under your sink at least once a month.
Look for leaks, water spots or pooling water. These can be signs of overuse.

High Water Pressure

Constant high water pressure can wear down faucet seals. These worn seals develop into leaks.

Use high water pressure only when necessary. Never leave a faucet on high pressure for prolonged periods. This will wear out your faucet seals.


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